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Teens Swimming Class

Age 12 and above but still can’t swim? Too embarrassed to join a kids’ swimming class?

Fret not! We are here to assist you. We understand how embarrassing it is when you are of age and still can’t swim when you go to the beach or pool with your friends to chill out. It’s just not cool!

Besides, there are many cases of teenage boys and girls who drown in the swimming pool or sea all because they want to impress or challenge their friends. It’s dangerous to swim when you do not have the skill to swim.

Learn the swimming skill in 3 months’ time with our 1-1 swimming classes conducted by our qualified and experienced male or female swimming coaches (up to your preference). We guarantee that you will be able to swim at least one stroke (breast stroke or free style) in 3 months. Some fast learners even learn both strokes or more and impress their friends after that. What’s more, it’s a lifelong skill for you to keep for water safety and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Fees range from $240-$280 for 4 lessons of 45 mins.

Guys who are waiting to enlist into the National Service must definitely learn to swim at least the basic strokes. It is a great advantage to be able to swim well for your own safety and your overall fitness performance.

Read the testimonies of these 2 teenage boys who finally learnt how to swim with our experienced and patient coach :

Patient and encouraging coach for a teenage boy
Coach Richard was quite jovial and patient with his teaching. He was encouraging and did not lose his cool upon me sinking, and he also explained his rationales for timing and rates clearly. ~ Melvin, 17 year old, Bukit Batok

Don’t know how to swim to swimming freestyle within a month for 19 year old boy
The swimming lesson is going great so far in helping me from “Don’t know how to swim till can do freestyle.” Coach Richard teaches the basic on what we have to know when swimming, the importance on what will help me to swim and float. He also teaches the correct ways to do the stroke, kicking, as well as, breathing techniques in the water. Overall, he teaches patiently and is a good coach to work with for a beginner to learn swimming. ~ Azhar, 19 year old, Bukit Batok

Sms Jo at 98582761 to enquire about the 1-1 swimming class for you.

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