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Hi, I am Jo, a mum with two boys aged 13 and 10 and a girl aged 18 months. Thank you for visiting.

I started this website because I learnt how to swim from one of my coaches and  I found it so beneficial to learn to swim properly with the correct breathing techniques which I am still using now. At that time, one of my friends wanted to learn swimming too and I helped to link her up with my coach. That’s how I started. My values for Learn Swimming Singapore is to provide all my clients excellent service with integrity (honesty) and I am totally committed to help you find the right coach too. I am here to help you and our coaches are very patient and nice as you can read from our testimonials.

My boys are also learning swimming from one of the coaches too. To help kids swim well, I think we, as parents, have to help expose them to the water at a young age so that they will not have a fear of the water. That’s what we did and slowly, we played with them in the water and started to teach them informally, always encouraging them along the way. Both my boys learnt how to float on their own during our vacations when they were just 3. From there, we taught them a bit here and there before starting them on formal lessons at Bukit Batok swimming complex when they were 5. Now, they can swim laps and they are still enjoying swimming. Let it be a lifelong skill for your kids too.

Watch my older boy’s swimming video when he was 9 years old and swam at the deep pool of 1.2m to 1.8m deep.

Watch my younger boy’s swimming video when he was 6 years old and swam at the deep pool of 1.2m to 1.8m deep.


I am committed to provide the best service to help you find a qualified and proficient swimming instructor who meets your needs within 48 hours. Pls sms or whatsapp Jo at 9858 2761.

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