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Ladies, kids and all swimming classes available here

All Ladies Swimming Classes

Ladies, have you always wanted to learn swimming but are too shy to learn?

This is exclusive for you because we understand your concerns and needs. Conducted by experienced and patient female coaches, all our female or lady students learn to swim well and in the most conducive all-ladies environment.

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Our All-Ladies Swimming Classes 
Fees for group classes are $340 for 8 lessons of 45 mins, payable on the first lesson. 

Central :
Queenstown : Sun 3pm or 4pm.

East :
Bedok (Heartbeat) : Tue 7.30pm.
Pasir Ris : Sat 12pm or 1pm.
Pasir Ris : Sun 3pm or 4pm.

Condo Swimming Classes
Individual or private classes are welcome at all condos.
Fees for a private 1-1 class are $320-$340 for 4 lessons of 45 mins, payable on the first lesson. 

Please sms or whatsapp Jo at 9858 2761 for the details.

We have specially trained female coaches who fully understand your needs to teach you. After all, they are also ladies themselves 🙂

In addition, ladies’ bodies are designed and structured differently from men because of our leaner body fat and weight. That is why ladies float more easily than men on water.

Swimming helps to tone our muscles and reduce our flabby legs and arms, as well as, turn our bodies into more curvaceous and nicer figures.

Our female coaches who understand your body structure will be able to better explain the hand, leg and body swimming movements in the water and teach you step-by-step on how to swim confidently in style.

Please sms or whatsapp Jo at 9858 2761 to find out more.

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