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1) How much are your fees?
There are different fees for group and individual classes.

Group fees for beginners generally start from $340 for 8 lessons of 45 mins with the group up to a maximum of 6-8 ladies but generally, there’ll be 4-6 ladies in the group.

Individual one to one fees are between $300 to $340 for 4 lessons of 45 mins each.

2) If I am unable to make it for lesson, is there any make-up lesson?
If you are unable to make it due to personal reasons, we are sorry that there won’t be any make-up lesson if it is a group lesson. Some coaches may allow you to join another group class within the same week subject to availability.

If it is a private 1-1 class, there will also not be any make-up lesson if student misses lesson due to personal reasons or last minute cancellation. Make-up lessons are only allowed subject to coach’s discretion and availability.

3) If the weather is bad, will there be any make-up lesson?
When the weather is bad or raining, swimming pools’ authorities will usually issue a lighting alert or even close the swimming pool for safety reasons. As such, it will not be safe and advisable to have the swimming lesson and there won’t be any make-up lesson as it is standard industry practice.

4) What happens when it rains?
If it has started raining before the lesson and the swimming pool has issued a lighting alert which will usually last for an hour or so, then the instructor can cancel the lesson and it won’t be counted as a lesson. Make-up lesson can be arranged subject to instructor’s availability.
However, if lesson has started, then it starts to rain, it will be considered as a lesson, regardless of the duration of the lesson.

5) If I have water phobia, can I learn to swim?
For children who have water phobia, it is advisable that the parents try to help them feel comfortable being in the water first before starting formal lessons.
As for adults, if you are committed and determined, nothing is impossible 🙂

6) If I don’t even know how to float, can I learn to swim?
Certainly, that’s the reason we are here as long as you are willing to learn and practise.
Our qualified and patient swimming instructors will guide you step-by-step on the proper floating and swimming techniques.

7) If I have a certain medical or skin condition, can I swim?
For safety and health reasons, it is advisable for you to consult a certified doctor.

8) Is there a trial lesson?
I’m sorry there’s no trial lesson as we believe that there must be a commitment of at least 4-10 lessons in order for the lessons to be effective and to swim well.

9) How many students are there in a group?
The number of students vary from 4 to 10.

10) Are your instructors qualified?
Yes. Our swimming instructors are certified by Singapore Sports Council and Singapore Swimming Teacher’s Association.
In addition, they are also patient and committed to helping you swim safely and well.

11) Will there be any refund of any fees if I can’t make it for any lessons halfway through?
I’m afraid there will be no refund of any fees for whatsoever reason once payment of fees is made. Please note that by any payment made, you have agreed to the terms and conditions stated above with no refund. Thank you for your kind understanding.

12) Can I claim any compensation in the event I sustain any injury, damage or loss of property or life during the swim class?
No, you will not be able to claim any compensation from any injury, damage or loss of property or life during the swim class. The onus is on your personal responsibility to take care of your own property and life.

13) Learn Swimming Singapore can take and use any photos and videos taken of the students during the classes conducted by our coaches.
If you do not explicitly mention to coach that you do not wish your photos or videos to be used by us, please let us know. Otherwise, it will be deemed acceptably for us to use the photos and videos in our marketing efforts. Thank you.

Pls sms or whatsapp Jo at 9858 2761 for any other enquiries. Thank you and have a blessed day.

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